Deluxe Cutting/Marking Gauge

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 In fact, I made two Deluxe models, both pictured below.
IMG_3881         IMG_3866
One boasts a mother of pearl diamond inlaid into a material called Juma which is set into a diamond-pattern knurled thumb screw [making these thumb screws is a nice project in itself that I will detail in a another post shortly].
The other has an artificial ivory (Elforyn is the name of the material) button set in a straight-pattern knurled thumb screw. Both of the gauges shown are made from Purplheart with brass beam and wear plate. These are impressive

 tools and quite a bit heavier than one would normally expect of cutting or slitting gauges. This extra weight is intentional and is the reason I opted to make the beam from brass. The extra mass helps in controlling the cut; it keeps the gauge steady and means that there is no tendency to lean on it. You just hold the fence firmly against the end of the board and pull it across the wood. The gauge does the rest, leaving a nice, crisp, dead straight cut-line that is easy to register a chisel into when cleaning out the dovetail waste. I am really pleased with the way these gauges have turned out. Well worth the effort and time taken to make them. Moreover, having made a number, I now have a nice little collection of them.


  1. Do you make any of these items for sale or, if not, do you provide the plans for such?

    Thanks for a reply.

  2. Hi Dave,
    I emailed some construction notes for the cutting gauge to you.
    I hope you got them.

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