Here is a smoothing plane I made last year. It is made from Amazon Rosewood and brass and works like a dream.

IMG_2261 IMG_2253IMG_2263

Unfortunately, the pics are bit grainy as they were taken with a camera phone. The other object in the pictures is what I call a palm hammer .I use it for adjusting the plane. It has no handle and slips easily into my apron pocket; so it’s always at hand. I find that the absence of a handle makes it easier to control the       ‘gentle tap’ that’s required for making small adjustments to the plane.


The blade bed is solid brass, as you can see, so there will be no issues over the years with possible movement of the wood disturbing the bedding of the blade. The inlay in the front bun is mother of pearl. Pitch angle 55 degrees.

Sorry about the poor quality of the video clip. It was taken on my phone. It even includes my daughter’s thumb print!!!