A friend of mine who owns a couple of restaurants asked me to make him a wall-hung Menu Holder and a set of Shot Serving Sticks. Walnut was the order of the day.

IMG_1132 IMG_3099


The Shot Sticks are mounted on a walnut frame that makes the whole thing look like a set of panpipes. The shorter two sticks have a diamond mother of pearl inlay in the centre.

Making the Menu Holder was fun as I had never had the occasion to make a broken pediment before. The dentils and all the little mouldings on this piece were made in the shop using saw table and hand planes.

IMG_2955          IMG_4040

The small tower pediment is a carving of the ‘tower’ logo of the restaurant. Perhaps the trickiest part of this project was making the two sides with the slots for the front panels. The two sides had to be a book-matched pair and the angles of the slots were just a bit odd. My friend has asked me to make the same two objects for his second restaurant but in this case the exterior architecture and the interior are Art Deco in style. I will have to design something appropriate but we have agreed that I will be using Walnut and Purpleheart. Whenever I get around to undertaking this project I will post it here.