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The footprint of this set-up is 1m x 2.8m.

It comprises of

  • a saw table,
  • a router table,
  • a reversible fence (one side for saw and one for router),
  • an outfeed table which doubles as a work surface and assembly table,
  • an overhead router gantry for flattening large boards or slabs,
  • a 9 drawer tool storage facility.

IMG_4255      IMG_4254

IMG_4256      IMG_4257

The pictures are self explanatory. Note that the fence is reversed by unlocking two Mag-switches, lifting the auxiliary fence off and turning it around. Then locking the Mag switches again. This process only takes seconds.

I also have a Cross-cut Sled for the saw table. This sled has a built-in blade guard and a fence stop. With the addition of a few jigs, this turns the saw table into a  multi-purpose tool.

There is a gang of power sockets on the front of the router table and another gang at the back of the outfeed table. So, no shortage of power point for drills and other power tools. It easy to clamp workpieces down onto the table at the back and to do so at the front I simply open the top drawer slightly in order to let the clamp reach under the table.

This set-up has freed up valuable space in the workshop and also provided me with extra work surface for assembly etc. It has also given me the capability to flatten slabs; something I did not readily have before.

The beautiful drawer unit was actually a unit for storing architectural drawings that I salvaged. I re-varnished the mahogany and carried out a few very minor repairs and ended up with a fabulous hand-tool storage cabinet. Now, I no longer mislay hand tools about the shop.

Moreover, because of the extra work surface my main workbench is tidier; no need to keep pushing stuff aside when I want to assemble and glue up a project.

IMG_1032     IMG_3113

Well, maybe not always as tidy as this!

‘The Gadget Man’; I wonder who he is?