Month: October 2015

Solid Brass Contemporary Chess Set


IMG_4659[1]   This is my latest creation. A solid brass, contemporary style chess set

with Padauk and artificial ivory inlay. Each piece was individually turned on the lathe  (no CNC machines allowed in my shop!) and yes, it was somewhat of a painstaking undertaking. You only begin to appreciate how many pieces there are in a chess set when you go about making one. Turning the pawns seems to go on forever.

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Old Style Smoothing Plane


This is the first of the three “new design” hand planes I have been working on.

In keeping with my practice of naming my hand planes after Irish geographical features, this one is called The Mannin Bay. At under 7″ in length it is a neat, sweet plane with some interesting features. Not least among these is the Oak Leaf detail on the front.

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