Solid Brass Contemporary Chess Set


IMG_4659[1]   This is my latest creation. A solid brass, contemporary style chess set

with Padauk and artificial ivory inlay. Each piece was individually turned on the lathe  (no CNC machines allowed in my shop!) and yes, it was somewhat of a painstaking undertaking. You only begin to appreciate how many pieces there are in a chess set when you go about making one. Turning the pawns seems to go on forever.

The second phase of this project involves making a matching board. The board in the picture is one I had knocking around and is made from stone; quite heavy. I intend making a board for the set from Padauk with artificial ivory inlay to match the set. So, tune in again to see the finished ensemble in the not too distant future.

01a41eeb8c702c08cfc079ed13e639be6f8671091a_00001                                     Brass chess 2



  1. Great work Brendon

  2. I love the tray on this one, with the Celtic knots.
    How is it done ? it looks like being printed ?
    Are they the same pieces as the other set you presented ?
    Well done !
    (an other question, how do you manage to get this brownish color on the white pieces, it’s not the same brass ?

    • Brendon

      November 19, 2015 at 12:18 am

      Hi Christophe,
      The board with the celtic design is a chess board I had
      knocking around. It is made of stone. I don’t know what the manufacturing
      process was. It is one I bought some years ago and I used it to display the
      chess pieces before I got my own board made.
      The brass is the same in both sets of pieces.
      The “white” team has an artificial ivory button inlaid into the top of each piece.
      The “black” team has a wood (Padauk) button inlaid into each piece.
      If the brass looks different it must be a trick of the light as all pieces were
      turned from the same brass stock.
      Thanks for your interest Christophe.

  3. That is a stunning chess set. I love your colour combinations, padauk and vory. I also view your chessboard and it is gorgeous but the side bars on the board look sloped. If they are you’d have to place your captures on the table? The Stone board is out of this world

    • Brendon

      February 2, 2016 at 7:34 am

      Thanks for your comment Beverley,
      The borders are actually flat, so plenty of room for captures.
      I will be posting more pictures shortly of my latest set, Kingwood & Ivory.

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