Chess Board

Finally, I have had the time to complete the board for my chess set.


As you will see, it is a little different than the usual checkerboard design.

The playing surface is made from solid Padauk while the border is Bird’s Eye Maple.

IMG_4750       IMG_4751

The squares are delineated by grooves cut in the board surface and the “white” squares on the central playing area

marked by white discs of artificial ivory embedded into the wood. The padauk is from the same board that the

button inserts in the tops of the “black” pieces & pawns.

This chess set is the first of a series of contemporary style sets that I have in mind to make over the coming months.


  1. Outstanding workmanship, congratulations on a difficult project, first class. Cheers nick

  2. Hi Brendon,
    Again an amazing work you have done here !
    The design is really inventive, and the result is so attractive.
    Congratulations Brendon, this is really top level craftsmanship.
    I wish you happy hours of chess playing with this set !

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