Month: February 2016

Making Something Useful from Nothing!

I love making something useful from offcuts and left-overs in the shop. Consequently, I never throw anything away. I keep odd brackets, offcuts of wood and metal, spare knobs, bolts, nuts etcetera etcetera.

Last weekend I came upon a lovely little piece of Padauk in my offcut box while looking for something else. “Aha!” I thought. “What to do with this!”   I figured something to go with my newly acquired wood lathe would be useful. The result was this:


A bowl depth gauge. The piece of Padauk is 11″ long which is very close to the swing capacity of my lathe and the depth rod shown will dive 5.5″ into a bowl.

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A Small “between projects” Project

I have been lucky to acquire a wood turning lathe for very small money at an auction; almost new, very little used.             Yes, believe it or not I have never owned a wood lathe; I’ve had a metal working lathe for years but not a wood lathe. Consequently I have never turned a bowl before, not in my whole life! Hard to believe perhaps but true.  Anyway, having got the lathe home I decided to give it a run; this is the result:

IMG_5152[1]                       IMG_5151[1]

Marble wood with a segmented rosewood rim and artificial ivory band. I don’t have a scroll chuck yet so the bowl was held by screwing to a face plate. I had to make a Donut chuck to work the bottom of the bowl:

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Introducing the Sky Road Chess Set

This chess set is now complete and can be seen in detail on my sister blog, House of Brendon Chess.