Month: May 2016

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: “The joint for the job”.

Another unusual project I found myself engaged in recently was refurbishing a bank of 12 Canary breeding cages. They were in very poor nick when they arrived in my shop. The (hardboard) back was badly split and actually fell off in three pieces following two light taps of a hammer. The front edges of most of the horizontal dividing boards were badly cut up and some of the vertical rails were chewed away to virtually nothing (parakeets had occupied the cages in an earlier existence and had left their mark. Now, the cages were to be refurbished for canaries). The dividing slides and the cleaning drawers were twisted and embedded with crud; fit only for the bin (and that’s where they went).



A sorry sight indeed. But Hey! I like a challenge.

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Workshop Extension: Almost There!

The extension to my shop is almost complete. Outside is finished bar a little tidying up, and wiring is being done on the interior at the moment. I think you’ll agree she’s looking good.


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Extension to the Waney Edge Workshop

I am building an extension to my shop at the moment.  My existing shop has become too cluttered and I am running out of space. I need to shift some of the machines (sanders and such) out of the main shop so that I can move about and work more safely. The construction is of simple, bolt-together panels that we are knocking together on-site, so that if the building ever needs to be removed for any reason, a spanner will be all that is required to take it down.


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Unusual Project!

I am in the middle of an unusual project at the moment.  It is the construction of a self-cleaning flight area in my bird-room (my other hobby is breeding Exhibition Budgerigars). The idea is that most of the debris that the budgerigars create will fall automatically into a large bucket or trug so that little or no time has to go into the laborious business of cleaning the bird flights out. I have designed the flight to achieve this purpose. Here are some progress photos.


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