I am building an extension to my shop at the moment.  My existing shop has become too cluttered and I am running out of space. I need to shift some of the machines (sanders and such) out of the main shop so that I can move about and work more safely. The construction is of simple, bolt-together panels that we are knocking together on-site, so that if the building ever needs to be removed for any reason, a spanner will be all that is required to take it down.


Cost is being kept to a minimum; I had some insulated metal sheeting knocking around that will cover the roof, a nice pair of teak double doors that have been in storage for about 7 years now (waiting for their time to shine), and a couple of 2nd-hand windows. All I needed to buy were some 6x2s, some 6x3s and a few bundles of ship-lap cladding. Even the bolts that are holding the structure together were cheap. Just bought a few lengths of threaded bar (which we cut to length) and a bunch of nuts and washers. The price of long bolts is crazy!  Threaded bar can be bought for a fraction of the price.

“We” refers to me and my friend Kevin, who is always at my side when a dig out is needed. Great guy! He is actually doing most of the work on this as I am preoccupied with the aviary project mentioned in my previous post. I just come out of my “man-cave”  like a shuffling bear whenever a lift is needed or when he wants to discuss some detail. Then, like Heaney’s blacksmith, leather-aproned, hairs in my nose, I grunt and go in……….. . I will post some more pictures shortly.

7th May. Here’s a photo of today’s progress. When finished, the extension will give me 33.33% more space which should help a lot.