Month: July 2017

Repairing a Damaged Toolmaker’s Vise

Recently I purchased a sweet little vise on eBay. The only thing was, there was a nasty gouge, ding or whatever you want to call it, on the front of the fixed jaw. I knew it was on it before I bought it as it was clearly flagged in the advertisement and in the photographs. However, I liked the vise and figured I’d be able to fix it. I don’t know if this is a factory-made or user-made vise. It does have the name LEE stamped into the rear of the body but I don’t know if this is a maker’s name or an owner’s.

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Another “Small-parts” Machinist’s Tool

This is the second tool for the small parts machinist’s tool kit I am putting together. It is what is known as a finger plate and is used for holding/clamping small parts for drilling, sanding etc.

This one is made from brass with stainless steel bolts.


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Small Machinist’s Jack

Here is a small machinist’s jack I made from brass and stainless steel. It is the first of a set of tools I am making for working on small parts. It will comprise of a boxed set of tools that I intend presenting to someone (who for the moment will remain nameless). While the intention is that the set will be principally a presentation or collector’s set, all the tools will be usable.


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Quick and Dirty Oil Pots

I’ve been doing a little metal work lately. After a messy spillage at the lathe something had to be done. I needed a pot for my cutting oil.

I had a couple of empty containers, each approx. 4″ in diameter (just as well I don’t throw things out!).             I could make an oil pot for the mill as well. I found two small plastic dishes (2″ in dia.), the type of thing used for feeding gerbils or something. So I chucked them up and drilled each one with a hole wide enough to easily get a small brush into.

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