Recently I purchased a sweet little vise on eBay. The only thing was, there was a nasty gouge, ding or whatever you want to call it, on the front of the fixed jaw. I knew it was on it before I bought it as it was clearly flagged in the advertisement and in the photographs. However, I liked the vise and figured I’d be able to fix it. I don’t know if this is a factory-made or user-made vise. It does have the name LEE stamped into the rear of the body but I don’t know if this is a maker’s name or an owner’s.

Once I unboxed the vise, the damage was very clear so I headed for the grinder. I nipped it up in a larger vise at the appropriate angle and 10 minutes of careful grinding (taking only very light passes) resulted in this:

The gouge is completely gone. I didn’t think to photograph the actual work so unfortunately, I have no photos of the vise on the grinder. However, I am very happy with the result.