New Toy Delivered

After a wait of some weeks, I have just taken delivery of a new toy: a Colchester 2500 lathe.

Following nearly a year out due to ill health and undergoing heavy bowel surgery,

which knocked the hell out of me, I have decided that life is too short.

So I have bought  myself a birthday present.  Am looking forward to getting to know my new toy….

It comes complete with DRO, quick change tool post, cooling system, 3-jaw, 4-jaw and collet chucks.

This photo shows a trolley I knocked up to keep my bits and pieces close to hand.

As my mill is situated opposite this trolley, I am also using it for keeping my collection of small vises within arm’s reach.

Taking a lead from John Mills (Doubleboost), I have made my first accessory for the machine:

a “Ways-saver” to protect the ways in the event of dropping a chuck when changing from one to another.

Who’s a happy puppy?…….


  1. Congratulations! On the new toy,may it give you many years of pleasure.look forward to seeing what wonders you will make and share with us.whats the swing and bed length ,brendon just being nosey ha. All best nick

  2. Brendon

    August 2, 2017 at 11:34 am

    Hey! Nick,
    Thanks for your kind comments. Much appreciated.
    Swing is 13″
    Distance between centers 24″
    which is plenty big enough for what I do.
    This sucker weighed in at 3/4 ton and I was amazed at how easily the delivery guys were able to move it around. They had a neat pair of dollies with inbuilt jacks and had the lathe into the back of my shop in a few minutes. Then I suppose they have to be equipped for the job as they are handling this sort of equipment all the time.
    Thanks again for your interest Nick.

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