Antique Hand Planes Wanted

I am trying to acquire the following hand planes

to help complete my collection:

Henley Optical Infill Thumb Plane

Norris No. 17 or 17A, Improved Gunmetal Smoothing Plane with closed front (Update: I have acquired one of these).

Entwistle   A31 Chariot Plane; 4″ x 1 5/8″  with Norris style adjuster.

Entwistle Replica Falconer Plough Plane.

This last plane is an extremely long shot I know.  One can but ask!

If anyone knows of an example of any of these or has one for sale, please

click here to send me a private message and I will get in touch.

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Many Thanks



  1. Hi Brendon,

    Did you Aquire the Norris 17 ?


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